5 Rugs Best Suited to Your Tender Feet For a Soft, Cozy & Feel-good Appeal

Rugs have undoubtedly become one of the most exciting and accentuating element of a modern day decor. What could be better than having a decor element with visual appeal, practicality and added luxury and comfort to treat your feet? Usually, the choice of rug is dependent upon the type of rug and its design pattern, the color which can sync in well to your decor and the size which fits best in your space.

There is something more important, which people now-a-days have started to consider_ the feel of the rug. Well, this comes down to the pile content and the type of the rug. Here we are with 5 of the best rug types that feel good to your feet.

Consider Memory Foam Support: Give your feet a soft and sinking appeal with modern day area rugs which have memory foam support. These provide a premium comforting to your feet as they offer a cushioning effect while you walk over them. They come with a shape adjustment feature which makes them feel even more cozy and comforting. Place these rugs where you stand and work for long hours to give you a relaxing under feet.

Chenille or a blend of cotton & chenille: Well, soft to touch, easy to clean, shiny and lustrous appeal; these are the key highlight of rugs manufactured with chenille or a chenille blend fiber. Majorly, the design quotient falls under traditional segment of rugs, which means they are more suitable traditional decor set up. But, considering the modern day design incorporations to the old traditional patterns, these are very much suitable for a contemporary set up

Go for a faux fur for a premium and luxurious feel: It’s the luxury of ultimate softness and coziness. Enjoy the posh and sumptuous feel to your feet while walking around. These are one of the best suited rugs for those who want to entice leisure quotient without spending much. These are considered to be most appropriate for rustic-like decor.

The age old and widest used fiber_ wool: Nothing can come close to this natural fiber when it comes to sheer luxury, classic texture, warmth and welcoming features; which wool manufactured rugs can offer. These are one of the best when you are looking for perfect insulation to your floors in icy cold winters. These are soft to touch, easy to clean, and the best part about these is they are flame retardant. So, you can place these rugs in front of fire and enjoy your family gathering.

Heavy duty synthetic fibers with modern expensive appeal: Opt for these man-made fibers to exhibit the sheer class and luxury without compromising practicality and durability. These rugs can withstand heavy traffic and their pile content bounce back to original form. For families with pets, naughty children and heavy and frequent turnaround of guests, this option is your best call.

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