Inexpensive Ways of Improving The Saleability of a Home

What Can House Vendors do to Ensure That All Important Quick Sale?

People who are selling their properties need to make them as saleable as possible. This sounds quite daunting, but in most cases it is not that difficult to achieve. There are a number of straightforward things that can be done to make a home more appealable to potential buyers. Many of these are not that expensive to carry out, and will make all the difference to the look of the house.

In the first instance, vendors should never underestimate the importance of first impressions. Kerb appeal, in particular is so important when it comes to selling a property. Some people won’t even set foot inside a property if they are put off by the outside. Therefore, it is imperative that gardens are kept in a neat and tidy condition. Lawns should be cut regularly and weeds are a definite no-no! Adding a few nice pots with attractive shrubs and flowers can really make the difference to the look of the garden. The exterior of the home should also be well maintained – window frames should be painted if necessary and so on. A new front door can also brighten up the exterior.

When it comes to interior walls, buyers usually prefer neutral tones such as creams, beiges and pale colours. Loud and bold colours can work very well in some instances, but the majority of buyers would prefer something a little more subtle. Sellers should make sure that the paintwork is kept clean and up to date. A fresh lick of paint can work wonders.

Decluttering and having a good clean and tidy is without doubt the cheapest and easiest way of improving the appeal of a home. Many potential buyers can not see past other people’s belongings. They can also be put off by a grubby and dirty property.

It is a well known fact that kitchens sell houses. Buyers are often put off by old and out of date kitchens. New kitchens, unfortunately, can be extremely costly. However, there is some good news for those sellers with limited funds – it is not always necessary to totally rip out the units and start again. Sometimes all that is needed is a basic refurbishment. This usually involves simply replacing the cupboard doors. Sometimes other items such as the worktops can be altered. It’s really up to the homeowner and how much they want to spend.

If a house has limited living space, the seller may think an extension is the only answer. However, they should consider whether a conservatory may work for them (or any potential buyers!). Conservatories are much cheaper than extensions and, furthermore, they are much easier to put in place. They can be used for many different purposes – as an extra living room, playroom or dining room.

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