This Shower is So Much Nicer

I was looking at some home improvement websites because I wanted to get ideas for my own bathroom. I had been unhappy with it from the first day of living here, but now I actually had the funds to do something about it. The tub was probably older than me, and I just did not like it at all. I wanted the tub to be completely out, and a shower to take its place. I then figured out it would be better to look at companies that do shower enclosures in Queens NY because even if I found one at a home improvement site that I liked, there was no way I could put it in myself.

I then started looking at places that actually supply the materials along with the muscle and expertise to install it. There was one company that was not that far from me, and I really liked all of the pictures that I saw on their website. I decided to go to their showroom to see if I liked anything there. The only problem was that I liked too much! But, it was still easy to pick out exactly what I wanted.

When I talked with the service person there, he told me that they would be able to take the old tub out, put in the shower enclosure, and then finish off the wall since it would be smaller than what the tub was. I asked for the price of this, and I smiled as soon as he told me because I knew that this was going to become a fast reality for me. I made the arrangements, and less than a week later I had my new shower. I cannot tell you how good it feels to get ready in the morning now compared to when I had that tub!

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