Paint The Door of Your Interiors in 7 Easy Steps

Do the doors of the interior of your house look faded? Are you planning to paint it? If your answer is yes, follow these 7 simple steps to paint the door flawlessly.

1. Take the door off

You can paint the door without taking it off but if you want to do it in a professional way without drips and runs, you have to. Take it off, lay it flat, and remove all the knobs, locks and plates before you start. Remember to put all the hardware in a bag making sure of which part belongs to which door.

2. Clean it up

Like while painting the walls, surface preparation is essential before painting any surface, even doors. Even the best paints do not last on the dirty surface but still the surface preparation is not given much importance in Nepal. Do not skip this part. Clean it up properly using a scrub sponge and trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove grease and grime.

3. Fix holes

If the holes exist, work on fixing it using spackling compound for shallow holes and epoxy wood fillers for deeper ones before painting as fresh paints highlight the flaws more. After that, sand and clean it up for next step.

4. Prime

Apply the primer to make sure the paint sticks efficiently and gives a smooth finish. It blocks the stain as well.

5. Sand

Sand to smoothen up the edges, bubbles or ridges.

6. Paint

Instead of using a brush for the job, use high-density foam mini roller to avoid lap and brush marks. Start with the frame and move upwards from bottom to top. Ignore the sides and the top part that hides when the door closes as it can affect how the movement of the door.

7. Let it dry

Let it dry before putting it back. Wait for 1-2 days before you close it.

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Happy painting, Have a wonderful Day!

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